Vegetarian Superstar Chef Sean Paul Redding Inspires College Students

January 24th, 2018

Vegan and vegetarian culinary extraordinaire Sean Paul Redding was the latest industry superstar chef to inspire students at Hugh Baird College’s L20 Hotel School on Thursday, 18th January. Sean Paul and his team worked alongside students to produce a stunning vegan and vegetarian menu for over 50 guests at the College’s L20 Restaurant.

Sean, a multi-award winning chef and originally from Dallas, Texas, is one of the best known veggie and vegan specialists in the country. He is the head chef at LIV Organic on Bold Street, Liverpool and is soon to open his own restaurant in the city. He has personally cooked for an array of A-list celebrities, including; Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, Meg Matthews, Anais Gallagher and Tamara Ecclestone. Not to mention catering Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday party!

Sean Paul honed his skills in the kitchen at the famous Book for Cooks in Notting Hill, alongside Clarissa Dickson Wright and also veggie celeb hangout Manna in Primrose Hill, where together with his kitchen team, he won ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant’ from the Vegetarian Society and Time Out magazine.

Chef Sean Paul worked with L20 Hotel School students to prepare and serve a four-course South-west American inspired dinner which included; a palled jackfruit tostada with ranch barbecue sauce on an avocado lime slaw, south-western Caesar salad with jalapeño polenta croutons, cauliflower steak on black bean roast banana mash and a margarita tequila cheesecake to finish.

L20 Hotel School student Mason Spencer said:

“Working alongside Chef Sean Paul and his team was incredible. To have the opportunity to learn from an industry leader was such an inspiring and valuable experience, I’ve learnt so much about vegan and vegetarian cuisine in just a couple of days.”

Chef Sean Paul Redding said:

“It was amazing to work with the students. I wanted to introduce them to different foods and flavours that they may have not come across before and also new styles of cooking.”

“They quickly grasped the idea of vegan and vegetarian cooking, using products such as No Egg, a replacement for eggs and vegan cream cheeses. They took it all in and helped my team and I produce a menu which I hope the guests really loved.”

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